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Like most people, when I first developed this hyperhidrosis, I never had the time or nerve to let my physician know of my problem. I was too embarrassed to even tell my parents. Physicians like Dr. Rafael Reisfeld make a career of helping clients to stop this problem..

For years now, thousands have been using Maxim with life changing effects.

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Hyperhidrosis is a condition whereby one sweats profusely, typically with no underlying physical cause. This is a problem that affects nearly 7 million Americans. If you have this problem, you know what I'm talking about. It's brutal, embarrassing, and dreadful to alot of people. Profuse sweating occurs in the armipts, legs, hands, face and feet. As I said, this can severely affect and cause havoc on the social lives of millions of people every day across this great country of ours. Excessive armpit sweat is a major problem according to the US American Academy of Dermatologists.



our condition is a medical disorder or condition where a person produces an undesirable amount of sweating and perspiration on an ongoing, constant basis. Maxim® antiperspirant has been formulated to work over virtually over night in one application to cure the worst heavy perspiration problems.

Today is your day! You can stop your suffering with a very powerful and unique antiperspirant.

Extensive Internet research for a sweating cure can stop here. You are home now and in good hands. In fact, the best hands because Maxim antiperspirant is real and has been curing this problem for over 12 years. There's no question about it, Maxim antiperspirant works like nothing else on the market. CORAD Healthcare has developed the most advanced and complete breadth of products to prevent sweating.

How do I stop excessive armpit sweating? Maxim antiperspirant works harder and works more efficiently than any antiperspirant on the market today, better than the most marketed "clincial strength" antiperspirants and better than prescription brands that can burn and cause irritation.

How can I stop armpit sweating? We believe as our customer, you will be so impressed with our incredible service, advanced antiperspirants (offered in a large variety) and our fast deliveries, that you won't want to go anywhere else. Maxim will will prevent sweating better than anything you've ever tried or purchased before or we will refund your purchase 100% with not a single question asked! Maxim can work so quick that most people report nearly a complete cure within 2-3 days of night time applications. Some people take up to 2 weeks to see the full benefit. In any event, you WILL be amazed.

Prevent sweating with our unique anti sweating technology is so unique that you apply it at night time, and it works while you sleep so in the morning, you can simply put on your regular deodorant for odor protection.

Bogus sweating treatments for severe sweating problems are being marketed today under the slight of hand term "clinical strength". This is false advertising. Large corporations spend in the tens of millions of dollars each year to market their so-called "cures" which don't live up to their claims. Don't be fooled by these so-called "clinical strength" brands. Maxim contains a very unique, propriety formulation that is recommended by over 1100 dermatologists in America for hyperhidrosis and works incredibly well to cure profuse sweating. Over 400 dermatology clinics are actively recommending Maxim to their patients over the leading prescription brand.

Excessive sweating roll on antiperspirantExcessive perspiration of the face is called Hyperhidrosis (also spelledl hyperhidrosis). This is a problem that is labeled in the medical community as a problem so severe that it causes some people to pursue surgical options. This is never a good decision to actually undergo this surgical procedure called ETS (or endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy). There are different types of hypherhidrosis including plantar (foot), palmar (hand) and facial hyperhydrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis has been defined that there are no known causes of the problem whereas secondary hyperhidrosis is where the Dr.'s actually can diagnose your sweating problem due to another medical problem such as diabetes, an endocrine disorder (a tumor in the adrenal gland called pheocromocytoma) or something as simple as depression or anxiety.

Beware of ETS surgery! So stop sweating and start living with Maxim antiperspirant and purchase it today!

Sweating treatment - a large percentage of the people also consider a common surgery called ETS (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy) whereby a surgeon will cut the sympathetic nerve chain in the thoracic cavity. This surgery can have serious consequences (see Do you sweat a lot? Maxim antiperspirant is absolutely the dream cure you have been waiting for.

SWEATING CURE GAURANTEE - We are so confident in your response to Maxim, that we gaurantee its performance. In fact, if you are not 100% satisfied with Maxim or our company, we will refund your purchase (100% of it).

Read over 1,000 real testimonials from armpit sweating cure miracle.


Over the weekend, someone left an angry note on the window of a man's BMW who was parked in a handicapped parking spot. The note derided the man for parking in a spot that the note-leaver thought should not have been parked there. The person who left the note was probably sweating like crazy, stirred into an emotional frenzy when he thought the owner of a car was not handicapped. The person who left the note said "I would love to see your wheelchair! I am guessing male 25-35 years old/professional who thinks he's got the world by the b....s. But I could be wrong". Well wrong indeed he was. His mad perspiration was in vein it turns out. The man who owns the car is actually a quadriplegic who was playing wheelchair rugby that night. Here is a copy of Leslie and Matt Milstead. Wow was the guy who left the note way off! In the end, this was nothing to sweat over!

Excessive perspiration wheelchair story


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