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Botox treatment for excessive perspiration - not needed with with prescription-strength Maxim®

“Botox treatment treats patients with hyperhydrosis. It is commonly performed in patients with upper limb or thoracic hyperhidrosis. Generally surgery is considered effective, yet a portion of patients have incomplete resolution of their symptoms. Pulse oximetry is considered a standard of monitoring in every patient undergoing a surgical procedure. This is to provide assessment of arterial oxygenation. This can also provide information regarding quantitative changes in heart rate and arterial flow” (p. 468).


“Ten adult subjects consented to being studied. The duration of symptoms in these patients ranged from one to twenty-three years. All patients also used at least one noninvasive treatment for hyperhidrosis. No patient had previously undergone surgery for their diagnosis of hyperhidrosis as well. All patients involved underwent the surgical procedure endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy upon entry of the study. They each were required to participate in two follow up visits in the clinic where the procedure was done as well as a follow-up phone interview” (p. 469).


“The results showed that baseline oximetric waveforms were adequate in all subjects. Right sympathectomy was associated with a 372% increase in perfusion index. All patients were found to have post-operative resolution of their hyperhidrosis symptoms. When patients were questioned post-surgery, all patients responded that their symptoms were either completely resolved or mostly resolved. In addition, all patients responded that they were entirely or mostly satisfied with the procedure” (p. 469).


“Patients with hyperhidrosis of the upper extremity, the intraoperative PI derived from pulse oximetry are an additional indicator of successful thoracic sympathectomy” (p. 469). The results that Gravenstein, Kodell, Lobato, & Willert (2005) found indicates that an effective thoracic sympathectomy results in significant changes in blood flow to the ipsilateral extremity. They do suggest that the PI might serve as a useful intraoperative marker of successful sympathectomy during endoscopic thoracic sympatectomy procedures.

Botox Treatment for excessive perspiration