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Stop Excessive Sweating with Maxim

Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Stop sweaty armpits

Stop sweaty armpits with a powerful antiperspirant designed specifically for excessive sweating. Sweaty armpits can ruin shirts, cause discomfort and social embarrassment. There are surgical treatments for sweaty armipits and armpit sweating. However these treatments to stopsweat armpits can have dangerous side effects that are often irreversible. Maxim antiperspirant is highly effective and will stop sweaty armipts most often in the first several nights of application. Apply Maxim antiperspirant to stop armpit sweating at night time and while you sleep, the active ingredient will work to plug the sweat pores temporarily. Maxim is generally effectively at reducing excessive sweating by about 90% and can last up to 2 days easily.

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