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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Affiliate Opportunities

Due to an overwhelming amount of support and requests we have received from you, our customers, we are offering the following special program which will allow you to help educate others regarding hyperhidrosis and a wonderful treatment called Maxim from CORAD Healthcare, Inc. while being compensated for your efforts.

Many of you have been so enthused (just read the testimonials) and we have been so moved by your comments, we have debated whether or not to establish an affiliate program. After careful thought, we have developed a sound program that will allow those of you who have been so loyal to us, to help others like yourselves by simply informing others with the same problem, of Maxim and receive compensation. All you need is your own website.

Many of you reading this (including myself) have participated in an affiliate program such as that has yielded little or nothing for your efforts. Well now, we are offering a special partnership program from a real company that sells a real product that is benefiting tens of thousands of people.

The reason why campaigns from dotboms fail simple. Traditional banner ads don't work!! There are a few reasons why. First is that graphics only generate on average about 0.2% click-through rates. People ignore flashy graphics and images which are advertised. Secondly, although many people may (and I stress may) click through your site to go to these other so-called companies, the ratio of purchase per visitors is extremely low, probably about 0.2%. What this means is that for example, every 10,000 people that click through your site, 20 people would purchase from your referrals. The reason for this low purchase per visitor ratio is that people are clicking through just to surf, they are not interested in solving a problem. (People who come to our site, are looking for information and to solve a problem.) In addition, conventional banner ads do not generated enough interest in the product or service which would otherwise result in a click-through.

This is a great opportunity that we believe no other internet company can offer. Earn 15% commission on the only antiperspirant in its class (which is only available on the internet and through mail order) when customers purchase from your web site. It's simple. Keep reading if you are interested to learn how you can be compensated for simply doing what we do and that is to help people find Maxim. The opportunity is wonderful because of one reason, from the studies we have done, we believe we have one of the highest purchase per visitor ratio's on the internet (it is between 10%-15%)!!! Typical ads we write can receive as high as a 30% click through rate and a corresponding 25% purchase per visitor rate, which are both extraordinary.

Top affiliates can earn up to $10,000.00 per month.

We show you how to stir prospects to our site with effectively written copy. Recent studies show that people are most likely to click through a drop down menu or hyper linked text.

Maxim is a consumable OTC with a very high level of customer loyalty which we greatly appreciate. We also provide exceptional service that could only be compared to that of Nordstroms. (Yes we make mistakes from time to time and when we do, customers have received free bottles of Maxim, next day shipping or whatever the request may be.) Maxim customers typically use our product for many, many years (myself included). That means that people will come back to your site and purchase time and time again. You can build a customer base of literally thousands of loyal customers by getting them to purchase from your site each time they buy. Just have them bookmark your site. This means, customer loyalty to your site as well, thereby, increasing the value of your site.

Many of our affiliates are loyal customers and satisfied users of CORAD Healthcare's Maxim antiperspirant. Affiliates do not have to be customers of ours. They realize however, that they are providing an educational service of value in addition to a solution to a problem for hundreds of thousands of people.

We also use a very detailed oriented, easy to use reporting program from PluginGo, whereby our partners can track in great detail, how many people they have referred to our site and how many people have purchased as a result.

It was recently indicated in a Los Angeles Times article that approximately 25% of the population considers themselves "heavy sweaters". For these people, virtually no antiperspirant will stop their sweating. So, the chances of someone who visits your site being a "heavy sweater" is about 25%. Of those people, if they chose to go to our site, there is about a 15% chance of them purchasing Maxim. We pay 15% on the retail price of $13.95, or $2.10 per bottle. You do the math. If you have 50,000 visitors coming to your site each month, it's likely that 25% (or 12,500 people) would click through to our site. If 15% of those 12,500 people (1,875) purchase Maxim, in this scenario, you would earn over $3,900.00 per month or $47,000 per year!!!! The profits we earn go to the research and development of new products for hyperhidrosis in addition to consulting for surgical procedures. The funds also go toward advertising and education about hyperhidrosis in addition to anxiety disorders. It is a great cause in which to be involved.

For more details on our proven partnership program and how to write effective ads that have worked for us, contact us with your information and you will receive information on how to simply establish a link to our site and start receiving your 15% commission for each bottle of Maxim sold on a monthly basis (the only requirement is that you own/operate a web site).