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Over the weekend, someone left an angry note on the window of a man’s BMW who was parked in a handicapped parking spot. The note derided the man for parking in a spot that the note-leaver thought should not have been parked there. The person who left the note was probably sweating like crazy, stirred into an emotional frenzy when he thought the owner of a car was not handicapped. The person who left the note said “I would love to see your wheelchair! I am guessing male 25-35 years old/professional who thinks he’s got the world by the b….s. But I could be wrong”. Well wrong indeed he was. His mad perspiration was in vein it turns out. The man who owns the car is actually a quadriplegic who was playing wheelchair rugby that night. Here is a copy of Leslie and Matt Milstead. Wow was the guy who left the note way off! In the end, this was nothing to sweat over!

Excessive perspiration wheelchair story

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