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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Maxim antiperspirant - Hyperhydrosis

Excessive sweating and is a condition known as hyperhydrosis or hyperhidrosis. Excessive perspiration is a condition whereby an individual produces an excessive amount of perspiration and sweat. Maxim® works over night safely, to treat sweating.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Drysol, Drysol antiperspirant

Drysol gives a lot of our customers irritation. Try Maxim or Maxim Sensitive instead of Drysol.

Excessive sweating, hyperhydrosis

Hi I received your product a few days ago, and I want to thank you with all my heart. :) It has worked so good for me. I am able to wear light-colored shirts now and everything! I am so happy that is has worked for me. I am certain that I will be reordering it as soon as it runs out! Once again, Thanks for everything. This was a testimonial from one of our customers with severe hyperhidrosis (also spelled hyperhydrosis) and perspiration. She had tried prescription antiperspirant and "strong antiperspirants" but nothing worked until Maxim.

Sincerely- T.K.