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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Maxim antiperspirant - Hyperhydrosis

Excessive sweating and is a condition known as hyperhydrosis or hyperhidrosis. Excessive perspiration is a condition whereby an individual produces an excessive amount of perspiration and sweat. Maxim® works over night safely, to treat sweating.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis testimonial

Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis and hyperhydrosis real testimonial. Date 7/27/07
Dear Sir or Madame,

I am a customer of yours who has had to contend with hyperhidrosis from childhood. My hyperhidrosis started on the palms of my hands and has spread over time to my feet, and just recently my underarms. I was treated with Drysol for my hands when I was young and it had absolutely no effect on me what so ever-as a result of that experience I was very reluctant and disbelieving when I heard about your product. However, I decided to give it a try as I was at my wits end with my condition when it started to affect me under my arms.
I had started to consider, endoscopic thoracic surgery to severe the nerves that are believed to be involved in hyperhidrosis, and decided to give your product a try before going under the knife. I was amazed to see that it actually works, and after the first day nonetheless. My underarm is no longer dripping wet on the right side, I don't perspire there at all unless I'm working out in the hot sun on a humid day, and my left side which was never badly affected doesn't prespire at all!