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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Maxim antiperspirant - Hyperhydrosis

Excessive sweating and is a condition known as hyperhydrosis or hyperhidrosis. Excessive perspiration is a condition whereby an individual produces an excessive amount of perspiration and sweat. Maxim® works over night safely, to treat sweating.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Excessive sweating

Alright, thanks. Well first of all I have been using Maxim for a long time, I just never got around to writing this but anyways. This is what I would like to say. "Everyone says 'Try this new product! You won't regret it!' And I was one of those people, I would try everything, I mean everything. I have a whole box full of different deodarants and none ever worked. Some people say Certain Dri worked for them really well, but for me it still didn't even work. So I decided I would try Maxim, at first it was a little itchy, but that was because I put it on after I was in the shower. After the 3rd day, it worked like a miracle. I used to go to school and think 'Would you be able to see me sweating in this?' every morning. I thought nothing was going to help unless I got surgery done, but then I looked at all these testimonials online, and thank God I did. It is truley amazing how it works, I even got the 4-pack and gave them to my friends because I knew they had problems and it worked for them too! Everytime I see someone in the bathroom with that struggle I strongely suggest them Maxim. I don't think anyone has to go through the misery and embarrassment at all. I've been made fun of a lot and asked what was wrong with me. Luckily, for my armpits, I stoppe it right in the beginning of high school. So I suggest it to you all- TRY THIS. And if you can get your money back- you have nothing to lose. It really can change your life. I put it on only once a week, hardly. I hope it changes all of your lives as much as it did mine. God bless!" Check out Maxim for excessive sweating.


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