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Excess Sweat

People should know that normal sweating is required for keeping the body temperature steady in hot weather, during fever, or while exercising. Now excess sweat means that a common man sweat much more than average. Moreover, when the person is not anxious, hot, or exercising, then also delivers lots of sweat. General feeling what spread in community about sweat is very poor, and this is the reason why they do not make out the proper reason of excessive sweat. Usually you can classified excessive sweating into three forms such as Primary (idiopathic) focal hyperhidrosis , Secondary focal hyperhidrosis , and Generalised hyperhidrosis. So it is important for a person to know about all these three types as they vary by causes and treatments.

As per expert views excessive sweating occurs in certain areas of the body such as palms of the hands; soles of the feet; armpits (axillae); face or scalp. Generally we sweat on the rest of the body. And it tends to be symmetrical that is both palms, both feet, both armpits, and so on, which usually get affected. For this type of excess sweat exact reason is not known, and neither associated with any type of condition.

It shows that our sweating glands in those areas are overactive or can say more sensitive than normal. But some cases reveals the that hereditary factors could be responsible for such type of excessive sweating. As per medical reports excessive sweat shows its symptoms at the age of 25, but can also develop at any age. Both men and women can become victim of excessive sweating. Records show that its common bodily reaction and present in 3 out of 100 people. Excess sweat can vary time to time and highly affected by consumption of spicy food, heat, emotion and anxiety.

Suppose you are suffering from any of the type then you need not to worry as your doctor will give one or more treatments if antiperspirant doesn't work. Moreover if the general measures and antiperspirant treatments do not show their positive signs then doctor will refer you to dermatologist for solution of the problem.