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Excessive sweating is known to the medical market as hyperhidrosis. Laypeople understand this definition as excess perspiration rather than hyperhidrosis or hyperhydrosis. Each one of us experiences sweating to some degree of another, particularily of the armpits. Hyperhydrosis and axillary sweating to some degree or another is also a problem for many of us. However, estimates indicate the fact that there are quite realistically 5% of the population that is afflicted with sweating that can be so problematic that these people consider surgeries to solve their sweating problems. An LA Times article reported that 25% of the US population suffers from excessive perspiration.

Normal sweating is required for our body to thermo-regulate or to cool down. One way the body can get rid of toxins is to sweat all over. Overall body sweatintg allows our bodies to get rid of toxins circulating in our blood stream. Another form of axillary sweating is known as axillary bromhidrosis where in this case, bacteria known as cornebacteria that live on the skin oxidize into a foul smelling odor.

Causes of Excessive Perspiration

In the armpits, there are 2 types of sweat glands that cause excessive sweating. One sweat gland is eccrine and the other is called apocrine. The eccrine glands are located deep within the skin and produce the watery liquid fluid from the pores and the apocrine glands are located near the surface of the skin and produce a protein like chemical. Your hands contain eccrine glands and do not respond well to antiperspirants. Your armpits and pubic regions contain apocrine glands and respond well to antiperspirants.

Primary situations known to cause Excessive Perspiration:

  • Public speaking/presenations and talking in public
  • Nervousness throughout the day
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Job interviews
  • Dating
  • Other nervous encounters

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