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Excessive underarm sweating
Stop Excessive underarm sweating with a product that is way better than Botox!

Are You Sweating Too Much? 5 Ways To Stop Excessive Perspiration

Getting a sweat on when you're working out feels great. Sweating at the office or on a date not so great. Excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis. If you're starting to feel damp patches even when you're not hitting the gym, then try these tips to control excessive underarm sweating.

Apply antiperspirant morning and afternoon
Try applying your antiperspirant in the afternoon since sweat production slows down at night. This trick will give the properties in the deodorant time to work their way into your pores, blocking perspiration for the morning. Taking a shower in the morning won't wash away the product since it will already have been absorbed by the sweat ducts. You can still apply a morning application of antiperspirant following your shower.

Go for stronger strengths
Clinical strength deodorants are more effective at dealing with excessive underarm sweatingbecause they contain more active ingredients. Your local drug store will sell prescription free clinical strengths of your favorite brands like Secret and Dove.

Consider surgical options
If antiperspirants are still failing to prevent excessive sweatingthen you might want to consider surgical options. Botox injections in and around the armpit area have shown to be effective and last for around 5 months. Another treatment recently approved by the FDA and which several doctors are starting to offer, is the MiraDry procedure which is a non invasive and long lasting solution for armpit sweat. Patients usually notice a sweat reduction immediately after treatment although it is necessary to follow up an initial treatment with another after three months, in order to get the best results and duration.

Wear natural fabrics
Another way to keep sweat away from your body is by wearing clothes made from breathable natural fabrics. Some of the best fabrics of choice include linen, 100% cotton, cashmere, 100% wool and merino. A loose fitting cotton shirt can easily be found in most stores so stay away from those made from nylon or synthetic fibers.

Prescription help
Many people find excessive underarm sweating and sweaty hands is associated with stress and anxiety, either in their relationships or at work. Learning how to manage stress by taking deep breaths in stressful situations and practising meditation can help to stop sweating. Alternatively if you find yourself getting stressed when you have to talk in front of people or give a presentation, then your doctor may be able to prescribe oral medications to help at these times.