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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Maxim Antiperspirant is New & Improved!

First, let me take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to those of you who have made Maxim® the number one selling over the counter antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis.

Some of you have noticed that we have recently changed and improved our formula. There are several reasons why we have modified Maxim®. The former version of Maxim® contained the same active ingredient, aluminum chloride, in a water base. This formula while effective, had a tendency to leak and spill on clothing. An unacceptable percentage of the latter version of Maxim® was also more prone to leakage during shipping as some of you are aware. The reason the leakage can occur (and many of you may have experienced this with other toiletries while traveling) is that at high altitudes in shipping for example, the atmospheric pressure is lower than that of sea level. This creates a vacuum and would suck the watery formula out of the bottle if tipped up side down. There was also no seal that could be created with the older bottle.

Due to many inquiries from satisfied customers who wanted us to add a thickening agent to the formula so as to help prevent spillage, we did so. We even applied for patents for a special buffering solution that brings the pH to more compatible levels with that of the armpit. This reduces irritation. We have also added a moisturizer to the new formula. You even notice a patent pending o-ring seal on the bottle. This helps to create a hermetic seal during shipping so that the chances of the high altitudes extruding the formula from the bottle are reduced, provided the o-ring is seated properly in between the cap and the bottle. Sometimes the cap can be too tight or too loose and a seal will not be created and the leakage in shipping can still occur. Should this happen, we simply replace your order with no hassles.

any of our repeat customers are very happy with our new formula. However, there are some repeat customers who are asking "why did we change?" "I was happy with the old formula." For those of you who are concerned that you are getting the same effective Maxim® antiperspirant, be assured you are. In fact, we've even made the formula by increasing the active ingredient to 15%. It may take a little to get used to after using the watery formula, but trust me, you'll find that this is better, stronger and the leakage will be significantly reduced. In fact, as a co-developer of the product, I wanted us to improve the formula so that we could continue to be on the leading edge of treating hyperhidrosis and to help ensure that the formula would work well for me too as I have to use the product on a regular basis.

We greatly appreciate your business.


Keith A. Roberts
President - CORAD Healthcare, Inc.