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Headache / Heartburn / Hangover

Bromo Seltzer

Bromo.jpg (2157 bytes)Headache? Heartburn? Upset stomach? Hangover?
Do you occasionally suffer a combination of pain and digestive symptoms, such as headache and indigestion? Or do you get single symptoms such as achy muscles or sour stomach? Or do you have an overall feeling of malaise or general discomfort? Maybe you just feel crummy all over.


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Overdoing it? Undo it.
These conditions often come about through an excess of eating, drinking, working or exercising. All the symptoms can be quickly relieved with refreshing, effervescent Bromo Seltzer. Each capful of Bromo contains the safe and effective pain reliever acetaminophen – equivalent to a standard dose of Tylenol. In addition, Bromo Seltzer contains a highly effective antacid – more than in Alka Seltzer.

Works fast
Bromo Seltzer relieves your pain and your stomach upset quickly. It doesn’t need the time it takes to dissolve in your stomach. Because it’s in liquid form even before you swallow it, Bromo Seltzer starts getting into your bloodstream as soon as it hits your stomach.

Not an Alka clone
Bromo Seltzer is not the same as Alka Seltzer. Original Alka Seltzer contains aspirin, which, far from soothing your stomach, can irritate and upset it. Bromo Seltzer contains acetaminophen, which is just as effective in relieving pain as aspirin, but which doesn’t irritate your stomach lining. Bromo is unsurpassed for speed, safety and efficacy.

Next time you suffer from heartburn, upset stomach, headache, sore muscles or hangover, you’ll feel better quickly with Bromo Seltzer. Bromo has been a staple of the American medicine cabinet for several generations. Hop on the fast train to relief with Bromo Seltzer.

Unsolicited letters from users of Bromo Seltzer

E.E., Oakland, CA
I'm a regular user of Bromo Seltzer. I buy 2 or 3 at a time. I've used it for years. It really does help me a lot. Nothing can replace it, as far as I'm concerned. It's always been great for A.M. headache and upset stomach.

F.F., Crevecoeur, MO
I have really painful gastric problems. Bromo Seltzer is the only product to relieve them.

C.G., Cloverdale, Oregon
For more years than I could count I have been using your Bromo Seltzer. It is the only antacid of all I have used, prescribed or bought over the counter that has worked on my acid stomach.

O.J.K., Houston, TX
I have used Bromo Seltzer since I was a child and had migraine headaches. As an adult I have had severe pain through face and head. But there are signs of it coming on. At that time many times Bromo Seltzer has stopped it from going into bad pain. If the pain comes too fast to stop then the next morning Bromo Seltzer takes the after-effects away. Also helps nausea. I can't tell you how much I rely on Bromo Seltzer.