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HYPERHYDROSIS stops with prescription-strength Maxim™


“Hyperhydrosis can cause significant professional and social handicaps. Hyperhydrosis is an idiopathic condition characterized by excessive sweating occurring in up to 1% of the population. It does most commonly occur spontaneously or in response to temperature changes or as a result of increased sympathetic activity. Although hyperhydrosis treatments such as oral medication, botox, and iontophoresis are available, surgical sympathectomy is being increasingly utilized” (p. 410).


“During a period of five years 180 patients with palmar, facial, axillary, or plantar hyperhidrosis underwent a thoracoscopic sympathectomy. All procedures were performed with the patient supine with their arms extended under general anesthesia with double-lumen endotracheal intubation so that the lung on the operative side can be deflated. Post-surgery all patients were observed in a recovery area then routinely discharged” (p. 411).


“Patients that participated in this study included 67% females and 33% males. The mean age was 29.2 years old. Approximately 98% of the procedures were performed as an outpatient procedure. There were few complications but of them it included a mild temporary Horner’s Syndrome. This is an air leak requiring chest drainage. This occurred in nine patients. There were no deaths or intraoperative complications. Plantar hyperhidrosis responded variably. The overall satisfaction rate upon the one year checkup was overall satisfaction at 94%” (p. 411).


“Although overall satisfaction is high, patients should be fully informed about the potential for compensatory sweating. There are therapeutic options available for patients in management of hyperhidrosis. Traditionally they have been nonoperative options. Example would be astringents, absorbing powders, and anticholingeric drugs. These treatments do not always show substantive results for patients in regard to long-term relief. Thoracoscopic sympathectomy is a safe and effective outpatient method for managing hyperhidrosis” (p. 413).


Doolabh, N., Horswell, Huber, L., Mack, M. J., Meyer, D. M., Prince, S., & Williams, M. (2004). Thorascopic sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis: indications and results. The Annals for Thoracic Surgery, 77, 410-414.


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