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Some Reasons for Excessive Sweating

If you have an excessive pattern, there might be a lot of questions running in your mind. You might think why some people have this type of condition and why others do not have that condition? You might also think that is it due to the genetic reason which are from the birth or due to the in between life style changes? Here in this article, the reasons for excessive sweating are discussed.

  1. Hyperhidrosis : Excessive perspiration condition is also known as hyperhidrosis (excess water) which is one of the reasons for excessive sweating. The body needs a certain kind of evaporation to control the sweat, and it has to be treated and looked upon when the body does not cool down automatically.
  2. Genetics : According to the observation conducted on certain people, the hyperhidrosis is often genetic and the chances of passing on to the children are more. The child does not necessarily have this condition, but it contributes to one of the reasons for excessive sweating.
  3. Sensitive Nervous System : In the scientifically point of view, people who excessively sweat have something different about their existing nervous system. As the nervous system is the one which controls the ‘Flight or Fight’ response of the body to any sudden incident. This system do an overcompensation and that is the reason too much of sweat is released instead of less.
  4. Social Anxiety : Social anxiety is one of the major reasons which make the perspiration condition worse, as there is a kind of stigma attached to it.

Once the reason is found, appropriate treatment has to be given.