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How to get rid of Sweaty Underarm problem?

There are two types of glands found to the cause of sweaty underarms of human body. One is called Apocrine and the other is known as Eccrine glands. Excessive sweaty underarm symptom can be noticed when these glands over react due to some disorder. Normally, underarm sweating is a very common phenomenon that we all experience everyday whether in house or in the street. But it becomes a hassle for many who suffer from excessive sweating and sweats dripping from the armpits and causing irritation to him as well as to others around him.

Eccrine glands are responsible to ooze out clear watery sweat that is not of malodorous smell but the stuff coming out from this Apocrine gland is thicker and causes bad odor. However, when your case is an abnormal sweaty underarm which is termed as Hyperhydrosis in medical books, you cannot expect to get over this problem by using over the counter deodorant. This sweating element is resistant to deodorant. You can definitely apply other antiperspirant product medically tested and recommended by the doctors and medical authority. But, taking your physician’s advice is always safe.

If you find that your case is not so severe, then just follow these steps regularly and you will get recovered. First, take your time while having your bath, gently pat the underarms area with sweat towel and soak it in the air and cool your body by lying on a cool towel with arms and legs stretched out. Put on light garments and use deodorant before going out of your house. Get hygienic and have a fresh feel all the day.