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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Excessive Sweating Testimonials

July 2002 - Dec. 2002

7/30/02 - To whom it may concern, This product is truly a wonderful product I have only used this product 2 days each application has lasted 1 week or so. I asked both my pediatrician and OBGYN. for help with the underarm perspiration. They did not know of anything that would help basically live with it. I was to the point I wouldn't lift my arms because I knew there would be a BIG ring of perspiration for all to see.

8/1/02 - To Whom it May Concern, After recently purchasing your product I was amazed at how effective your product is. I would never have found out about maxim if it wasn't for the fact that I was browsing on the Web, amazingly enough there are no sites in Australia addressing Hyperdrosis. I have tried many other products which are limited in Australia and even hypnotherapy. Since then I have recommended it to two of my friends who suffer with the same embarrassing problem, it really has been a miracle effectively treat for me. I am now able to wear all those clothes that I was to embarrassed to wear before. I was wondering if you are thinking of setting up distribution in Australia. I am based in Sydney and would be very interested in becoming part of any plan for you to expand distribution overseas to Australia.There is a huge market here and very little information or products available to help us here. I look forward to your reply and again congratulate you on your fine product. Regards
Joanne - Australia

7/31/02 - Hi i just wanted to write to tell you that i have just recently started using maxim as of July 27, 2002 I was very skeptical that anything would work for my excess sweating problem but i was desperate for a solution to this embarrasing problem. I looked up information on this disorder on the internet and found your web site. I have a friend who lives near Seattle Washington and asked him to order it for me, he ordered 4 bottles for me. To my delight on the first application, the next day (it was a hot day) i was totally dry for the first time ..all day long i couldnt believe it, i am so happy. I applied it again that night, but i must not have needed it as it caused my skin to become a bit red and irratated, but it cleared up the next day. I havn't had to re apply it again and its July 31, 2002 already....... I am so impressed and happy that your company has been able to invent something that really works for this unsightly problem...I will recommend your product to all my family & friends. If you choose to display this letter on your website, I would like to say to all the readers: THIS PRODUCT WORKS ..GIVE IT A TRY!
Thank you,
Sheila Vancouver, Canada

8/1/02 - Hey guys. I'm almost to my first year anniversary with dry armpits thanks to Maxim. This has probably been the happiest and most stress-free of my 28 years. And the Maxim is still working. I worried that my body might become immune. And I only apply it about once every two weeks. I used to be able to soak almost an entire clean shirt in ten minutes.

8/1/02 - Hello Keith Roberts, The bottle is now empty, but the small amount that I had worked wonders. I have had hyperhydrosis since I was about 12 years old. This limited the type of clothing I would wear and made me hesitant to interact with others. Well, after one day of using this product I saw significant results. I was able to wear clothes without worrying about sweat stains. I can now start wearing colors other than black (ha ha). I am very pleased with this product. I was about to try surgery to fix my problem, but now this course of action is not necessary. Thank you for your help in resolving my shipping problems. I will definitely order from your company again.

8/3/02 - Hello.... I have just received my first order and appreciate it but would like to mention something that I noticed within seconds of my reading the outside of your box. The word-conditions-is misspelled in the first paragraph (under Lasting Efficacy). When I came to the computer to bring it to your attention, the word-purchase-was misspelled in the section where the 4-pack was being advertised. Certainly, this should not have a thing to do with product satisfaction. Somehow it just seems unprofessional. I mean no offense, ok? Just an observation. Your proofreader needs to be more careful. In this day and age we do have spell check available. Thanks a lot for sending my order. I am anxious to try it. If it works, I will certainly keep buying.

8/4/02 - Hey -
Thank you for your product, it has worked wonderfully! I can wear just one shirt a day, and not worry about having to cover up with a sweatshirt or jacket after I'd had it on for a little while!!! THANKS!

8/4/02 - You have convinced me there is life without sweat. I am a firm believer of your product, Maxim. I am an athlete and I suffer from hyperhydrosis. It is a family condition that has evidently been passed down to me. I used to go through a 4 pack of white undershirts every month. Yellow stains, foul odor, and lack of confidence were things that I thought I would have to keep dealing with. I use Maxim one night a week and that is it. There is albsolutely not perspiration under my arms ever. I work out everyday (run, lift weights, tan) and never any problems. Now I wear tight shirts, grey shirts, no undershirts, everything in my closet is now wearable. I just want to say thank you and i will refer everyone to your product.
Jeff San Marcos Texas

8/6/02 - I would like to thank you for the profesional service and for offering this product. I have used Maxim for over one year now, and I really don't know how I got along without it! It has virtually given me the life that I have longed for ,in not having to worry about excessive sweating. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

8/6/02 - Hi, I would just like to say I am a satisfied 19 year old who has found the effectively treat to a long lasting problem now. Your product starting working within 1 day, with only some irritation within the first few days. Thank you for everything,

8/6/02 - Just wanted to let you know that your product is fantastic. I can't believe I went all these years without it. Thanks again!!!

8/7/02 - Wow…the testimonials were right about your customer service! I only expected a quick yes or no answer as that is what I have come to expect these days with customer service. I certainly did not expect you to give me other alternatives that were not your product. I am Vice President of Customer Relations for my company and strive for customer service of this magnitude. Please pass this along to your Supervisor so that they are made of aware of your effort to go “above and beyond”…very commendable! Thank you very much, Keith!

8/8/02 - Several years ago I experienced excessive sweating under the arm pits, to start with I tried to combat the problem with more spray on anti-perspirernet, this never worked, so I then tried all spray-on and roll-on products that were on the market. The end result was I found a roll on that was naturally based that would stave off the problem for an extra hour at the start of a day. This was hardly suitable. The effect on life was that the only shirts I could wear socially were black ones, and for work, luckily we have corporate tee shirts, but on visits you have to wear something under the shirt or else you end up with an embarrassing situation. I obviously then tried to do something about the problem, the first stop was with a national health doctor, he prescribed and alcohol based product containing aluminium.The application instructions were as yours, however, after about 1/2 hour the skin would be burnt, leaving red not quite broken skin. They then prescribed a steroid cream to counteract the burning. This then became a bit of joke and I stopped using both products, although it would have some effect in stopping the problem. I then turned to a private doctor who went down a different route, I do have a job which can cause stress from time to time, but I am used to the stress, but went along with him all the same, he prescribed me beater blockers to ' calm' my nerves, but having looked into what they did I stopped after a couple of weeks, the treatment had also had absolutely no effect. I then went back to national health doctors and 'demanded' soe action, they then sent me to a local hospital with a specialised dermatology department. The Doctor there put me on a course of electrolysis treatment, so twice a week, for an hour at a time over a two month period I would sit in a room being electrocuted by pads under my arms, totally un-pleasant, and again no effect. The after about a year I was called for by the doctor assigned to treat me, he then told me of a new process in which 'botulinum' would be injected in the area as an experiment, this was the first time such a treatment had been made in the area and myself and a lady with a problem on her armpits were selected to experiment on. The treatment did work, but was very painful, it would last for around 5/7 weeks before returning, in the end I would have about 14-16 injections in each arm pit, and it was better not to have the local anesthetic injection before hand. Due to the level of pain for a short time frame I didn't continue with the treatment, I wasn't sure that if I continued with this, there would be future problems further down the line. The Maxim product was a chance discovery on the net, I had never seen it before, and the fact that it wasn't alcohol based drew my attention to it, so I purchased a bottle. The results were very good, there is a slight amount of 'itching' about 1 hour after application, but that is it, I followed the directions and my problem stopped completely with no burning within days, I can wear any colour shirt at any time, sounds such a small thing, but is great to have the choice. So after about 3 years I have found a effectively treat for the problem. Shortly after buying the product I saw the specialist doctor who as assigned to treat me in the bank I use, we chatted and I told him about the product, he had never heard of it before, and pretty much dismissed the results, and what I had to say.

8/13/02 - Hi, I just wanted to drop a quick line and thank you people for more than you can imagine!! I have had to deal with excessive underarm sweating since i was 13. The thought of people finding out i sweat like a pig everyday certainly was not comforting; i wore colours and fabrics that would not show the staining and would rarely raise my hand in class. I hated it. And the worse part was i was never myself especially around crowds. Then a couple of months ago i found Maxim on the internet and thought i should give it a try. Whats the worse that could happen?Sweat even more? No way, that wasn't possible! Being in Canada i hought it may take a few weeks, but it arrived in just over a week. The first night i tried it and the next day it reduced my sweat to about 50%, then the next day i was completely dry!! It was amazing!! I swore it was a miracle!! I have since graduated from college and was totally dry during my ceremony and all night partying afterwards. I also was a bridesmaid for my cousins wedding a couple of weeks ago and the dress was a baby blue, not a single drop!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have given me more confidence and the ability to be myself. I will be ordering again very soon. Thanks again SOOOOO much!!!!!!

8/18/02 - To who ever. At this point I really don't care! This stuff is the best ever. I don't really know what to say, but thank you, THANH YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I'm 14 years of age, and have had a bad sweating problem since puberty, which I may add I got at a very younge age of 10. But thank you soooooo much:) Plus here's an extra thanks for giving it to me before my
school year started. Love ya always, and being your shopper always

8/22/02 - You won't believe how wary I am of stuff advertised on the net and how unlike me it was to order any product. But then the excessive underarm sweating was reducing my world into smaller and smaller circles. I had to break free. Then I heard about your product. I
read all about it on your site, read the testimonials, and took what I strongly believe is a calculated risk (after having tried so many products and failed) of ordering your product.

8/22/02 - And what a gift it has been for me. I'm typing this email at the end of an arduous day in summer, in a turquoise green shirt, and for the first time in my life - with no sign of the menacing half circles of salt-stained sweat around my underarms!!! It's amazing!! Thank you so much for this.
J. John Toronto, Canada

8/22/02 - Dear Corad - I just wanted to thank you for selling Maxim antiperspirant - it's made a big difference in my life. I've always had a problem with excessive underarm perspiration, and I never realized there was a product out there that could do the job like Maxim. I'm still getting used to putting on just a small amount at a time; it's hard to do after always having layered on the antiperspirant in a futile attempt to control the problem. Now I can wear any shirts I want without a care, and that's a great thing. Best regards,
Lester - Watchung, NJ

8/24/02 - I just thought I would write to you to thank you for the absolutely amazing effect Maxim deoderent has had on my life!I have suffered from hyperhydrosis to my armpits sice my early teens, which has made my life a misery at times. For years I have been unable to wear the clothes I want to, having to layer them, even on the hotest of days, to hide the sweat marks, with people or taking change has always been a nightmare. I have tried loads of products to help to combat the problem, including anhydrol forte, an electrolosis machine and advice from a eurosurgeon. But none of these things helped, I did not want to risk surgery and just lived with the hope that one day I would find a product which would ease or deminish my disorder. A week or so ago I was searching through the internet in the hope of finding such a product when I came accross your website. I thought the price was reasonable and decided to give your product a go. I was not expecting any notable results, as no other product had helped my hyperhydrosis, but to my amazement the day after applying Maxim the sweating to my underarms completely stopped!I felt I had to write and thank you. I feel so much more confident knowing that I don't have to worry about the embarrassment or discomfort of having huge swat patches under my arms. Although the british summer time is now drawing to a close I am going shopping for summer tops tomorrow in colours and fabrics, such as silk, which I have previously been unable to wear! Thank you for taking the time to research and produce this product. It has had such an amazing effect on my life!

8/25/02 - Hey, this is a great product, I would have pouring sweat from my face and back even when I did the simple things like carrying bags or walking in warm weather. When I road my bike I would sweat so much I would soak through to shirts and my nap sack totally soaking any items inside. On warm days I would be the only person around sweating as if I just ran a marathon through L.A. To say the least this is embarrasing.I was about to have the surgery or the botulism injections, this is risky but I thought at least I would be normal and would not have to suffer any more. Then I heard about Maxim while searching the web, I ordered Maxim and in 3 days it service. The first day I applied some to my face and neck before going to bed. The next morning I went out and rode my bike and worked out, and to my suprise I sweated way less than usual. I tried it the same the next day and when I went out on a very hot day I did not sweat at all..... amazing! This product is great! I recommend this to any one thinking about having surgery or botulism injections, try this product first. Your company has definitely gained a satisfied customer and I will be recommending this product to everyone I know that can use this. Thanks.

8/27/02 - For the first time since middle school I don't have to wear jackets or dark shirts all the time anymore!!! I feel I can be more social, more outgoing. Before your product I was ashamed and humiliated by my underarm sweating. I recommend this to anyone!!!! I work for Wal-Mart, have you contacted us about selling your product on our shelves? Anyway, thank you from a profoundly happy customer!!!
Jonathan H.

8/28/02 - Wow!! I am soooo glad that I stumbled accross your site today, it literally saved my social life! I'm a 19 year old female who is in her second year of college, and ever since I started college I've develped an extreme case of anxiety which in turn leads to my underarm prespiration. Being around a lot of people makes me totally nervous and knowing that my shirts were soaking through because of the prespiration made it even worse!! It made me sweat even more! I can't even wear my fave shirts because of this embarrising problem. And what's worse is that today I had to skip 2 of my classes so I could go home and change shirts because my other one was wet!! Today, is a new start though because I've ordered your product!!! After reading all of the testimonials I can't wait to try it! I know I'll be pleased with the results and will have a greater feeling of self confidence and more freedom to wear my cute little shirts that I could never wear in public before. I cannot thank you enough for developing this product! I feel like I can totally relate with all of your customers as well as the inventors of this product. Thanks for helping to change my life for the better! I sincerely appreciate it!

8/28/02 - Subject: dryness!!! Thanks for the Maxim. for the first time in two years i can be totally conscience that my clothing will remain dry, whatever the conditions. just great many thanks
j.c. (england)

8/29/02 - WOW! Thanks for the amazing customer service. Its great to see a company with such an amazing product also offer awesome customer service. maxim has saved me from so much embarrassment, and now i am actually looking forward to the start of school!

8/31/02 - Dear Keith,

Thank you for the information regarding your fulfillment company, DSS. I have been in touch with Ron Brinkman and he put me in touch with some companies in our area. Hopefully, we will find a solution that works well for our company.

On another note, I have been using your Maxim Anti-perspirant, and I have to say that it works very well. I have tried other products on the market, specifically Certain-Dri and Odaban. Neither of these products performed as advertised, and the Certain-Dri gave me quite a burning sensation. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. I have had very severe hyperhydrosis for about 6 years, and it has gotten progressively worse. I even considered ETS, but after reading some of the horror stories out there, it was not an option for me. The problem I run into, is that I am in the apparel business, so appearance does matter. Everyday, by the time I would get to the office, the underarm area of my shirts would already be saturated. It has been a constant hassle, both professionally and personally. Since I have used Maxim, I am wearing shirts that I could never wear before, because the wet areas would have been too noticeable. I am a 100% satisfied customer, and will continue to use your products. Thank you for making a difference in my life. Best wishes,

8/31/02 - Hello, I just wanted to give my testimony. I got this product on Friday, and I put it on that night, IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I went out of town today with one of my friends, and we walked around shopping ALL day in 80 degrees weather, and I didn't sweat AT ALL, not even a little bit. I kept checking all day just to find out if I was, but I never was!!!!! I am soo happy, I just started 9th grade at a big new school, and I am looking foward to Monday when I can come to school and have that be the last thing ill worry about. THANK YOU soooo much, you have changed my life!!

9/1/02 - Maxim has been such a life savor!! I cant tell you how much easier this product has made my life. Knowing I can wear whatever I want and not worry about sweat dripping through. Im 16 and sweating at school is a really weird thing to most kids. Being a teenager and trying to fit in is a really hard to do when your constantly worring about something like, sweat. When I ordered Maxim, I was so excited to get it, and try it out. I had been so sick of wearing baggy clothes that look terrible, just because I didn't want to sweat through. Now I wear nice cute T shirts that look great, and the best part of all, NO SWEAT!! Thank you so much Maxim!!

9/6/02 - Hello,
I thought I would take a few minutes to let your company know what a great product it has developed. I am in professional sales and suffered from under arm sweating. It never mattered what the temperature was I would always be "moist". My shirts would have that lovely dark wet circle around my underarms. I even had to go to the men's room and use the hot air dryers to dry my shirt several times a day. I did a lot of research about this problem. Obviously the regular anti per were not working, I had to find something more powerful. I found your web site during a web search, read the testimonials and product info and made the order. The package came a few days later... I put the maxim on as directed and I have to say the next day at work was a real treat....DRY ALL DAY!!! Absolutely incredible! I have become rather jaded at buying products lately as many of them simply do not work as stated! Maxim is EVERYTHING it claims it is!

9/10/02 - dear Keith: Thank you. Upon receiving the samples we can put our order (if 10 bottles are so much you send even 2 bottoles as samples) then we can set the order.However, send your bank details together with the invoice to get its approval from the Ministry of Health. thank you.

9/11/02 - Dear CORAD, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I purchased the Maxim deoderant a month ago and I have bragged about its results ever since. This product definately lives up to its gaurantee. Before Maxim, my excessive sweating stressed me out every day. It was like my armpits were a leaky faucet. I have this one black shirt that I would wear EVERY time I would go out for a social event. Because of the material you couldn't see the sweat, but you could definately feel it. My self esteem was destroyed because of it. I would always be dressed in baggy clothes and was terribly jealous of the girls who got to wear the cute tanktops and etc... BUT now so can I! I am a happier, more confident person. I couldn't thank you enough. I can wear the clothes I want and be active at all the events I go to and not worry about the sweating. I will no longer have to sit under the hand dryer in the ladies room drying the armpit of my shirt! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Mandy Charlotte, NC

9/14/02 - Thank you for a great product that works EXTREMELY well. If I had this 15 years ago, I can only wonder how my life would be different now. I went from sweaty to completely dry after ONE application. I CANNOT tell you how nice it is to not have to constantly worry about huge sweat marks on your shirt. Thank god for this product, it has truly changed and enriched my life, as it has for everyone else who is using it and will begin using it. Now if there were only an easy effectively treat for baldness like this!! Thanks again.

9/15/02 - I just wanted to write and tell you I received your product and it really does work! It is wonderful to be able to go out and not have to worry about wet armpits! I used it the first night and the next day I was completely dry. I feel so much more confident now. I found this just in time for my Son's wedding and can now be confident that I will be dry. I was really concerned about being embarrassed at the wedding, now it's no problem. Thank you so much for your product and your excellent service. Feel free to use this for testimonial if you would like. I will be ordering again!!!!!!!!!!

9/20/02 - I would like to thank you for your product! I have been using it for two whole days now and have not sweated at all in my armpit region---which was my problem area for years since 11 yrs. Of age. I am now 28 and on today I am wearing a wine colored shimmery shirt that I hadn't worn for the longest (without a jacket to hide pit stains) but am wearing it without a jacket and haven't broken a sweat in it all day. I am soooo happy with your product and will definitely reorder and tell friends and family of the WONDERS of MAXIM. I would like to know of sales opportunities being that I have a feeling I could make a pretty good living marketing Maxim to my friends and family alone. I thank you for giving me my assurance back when it comes to wearing clothing that I know easily reflect sweat and I have bought a beautiful royal blue professional long sleeve shirt and plan on wearing it without a Jacket!!!! I am so confident now and love to raise my arms and not be unsure of whether the whole world can see my stains. I raise my arms all day now on purpose to stretch and just because I can without embarrassment now. Thanks again and please let me know of sales opportunities. Thank you.
-SB Memphis, TN

9/24/02 - Hi, I heard about hyperhydrosis from a magazine article in MAXIM magazine. After reading the article I searched hyperhydrosis on the web and came across your company. I've been suffering from this for years and never knew there was a way to prevent it. Needless to say your product helped and you now have a permanent ustomer. I recently wrote to MAXIM magazine and explained my story as I did to you and mentioned how it was a coincidence that the magazine and the anti-perspirant shared the same name. They printed my letter and printed your website in this months (October 2002) issue. I hope you business increases as a result!!! Thank you,

9/25/02 - I want to say WOW!!! and thank you. I have had a real problem for over 2 years with arm pit sweating. It was never a problem before. I had tried ever deoderant and anti persirant on the shelf and nothing helped. It was never and oder problem it was like my arm pits were a water faucet with a steady leak. I am an executive and wear suits, I would not take off my jacket because my shirt would be soaked after only a few minutes. I would have to wash my shirts after ever use even if it were only on for an hour. If I wore a tank top in the summer My arm pits would steadly drip, it was a real problem and a source of embaresment. Well I sceptically ordered my first bottle of maxim, thinking it was pretty expensve for an antiperspirant, but I was desperate to find something that would work. When I got it I applied it that night, I was amazed It worked immediately, and kept working, after 3 days of complete dryness I applied another ( very small dose) fearing it would wear off it has been 4 days now and I haven't sweat a drop. I think I will wait to see how long I can go before needing to use it again. I think maxim is a mirical, I have ruined so many expensive shirts I stopped buying them, I can now wear silk shirts without an undershirt and remain dry. I would recommend maxim to anyone and everyone who has this problem, it truely is a god send. Thank you!! I wwill be putting in another order as soon as I get close to useing up what I have, but applying it maybe once a week this first bottle should last awhile. Thanks Again,
Ken R

9/26/02 - Dear Maxim, What a wonderful product and great service. It took only 1 week to get my package to Australia! I have told all my mates about it so expect more orders! I suffered from excessive underarm sweating from my mid teens. Thinking I would grow out of it I just lived with the problem. However I found that as I was getting older it was becoming worse - I was starting to sweat through my suit jackets! Enough was a enough. I searched the internet and found your site. I was skeptical at first and balked at the price for a bottle of deodorant. However I came to my senses, tried your product and haven't looked back.

9/28/02 - I would like to add to the testominals. I have only been using this product for two days and it is like unbeleiveable. I suffered from sweaty underarms and it was so embarrasing especially being a women, but I am truly convinced that this product is the bomb!!!!!!! I only ordered one because I was unsure but I will definately be ordering some more thats if I even need it. Thanks so much!!!

10/01/02 - Hi, I just wanted to take a moment and express to your company how much I am impressed with your product. I received Maxim three days ago for the treatment of my excessive perspiration. I have tried every over the counter product with no success. I am a professional nurse and it is very important to me to look and feel my best. This product has given me confidence to stay dry all day, even after the long 12 hour shifts!! Thanks

10/02/02 - I wanted to write sooner but your product totally changed my life!! When I think of what Maxim did for brings tears to my eyes. I wish I could be a spokes person for you because I thought I was doomed for life but your product changed all of that with only one application. I suffered from hyperhydrosis since high school and thought I was a freak. I went
to my doctor and he sent me to a psycologist. After finding out I was fine and spending alot of money, I still suffered from this problem. I found your site on the internet and thought "why not?" I totally thought it was a waste of time but the very next morning after I used the product, my life changed. I can't express my joy in knowing the confidence I have with not "pitting out". I don't have to buy loose clothes, wear t-shirts or put in pit pads to avoid embarassment. I really wish I would've found your product along time ago but I'm just counting my blessings. I'm also amazed that both doctors had no clue about your product either. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sincerly,

10/03/02 - Subject: Your INCREDIBLE Product! You have such a great product, I with that had heard about it sooner. I only came across the website accidentally as I was searching for pads to wear in my armpits. I will tell everyone I know who could benefit, but it's a shame that you don't make the public more aware of Maxim!

10/03/02 - I've read through so many of the testimonials here, and I can relate with almost all of them. I have had a problem with sweaty armpits since college. It seemed I was always sweating, even when I was cold. I recently started a job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and I have to wear nice clothes and look polished. When I went to training, I didn't feel nervous, but my armpits were sweating uncontrollably. I didn't want to raise my hand, and I had to wear jackets or sweaters all the time-- even in 100 degree heat. I've always worn black and white and avoided colors before, and I usually wore two shirts to prevent the outer one from showing sweat (which didn't always work). I received the product immediately after ordering, but was so skeptical that I still wore a jacket the next day after trying the product. I was shocked because even in horrible heat with Deep South Humidity and wearing a shirt with a long sleeve jacket in a stressful new job-- I DID NOT SWEAT AT ALL!!!!

10/07/02 - I have "over" sweated under my arms since high school (graduated in 1985). Been using your product for a week and have already stopped! Noticed difference after one use. Amazing product. I was suspicious about your claims before purchasing and was already planning for it to fail and for me to have the surgery to stop the problem. After using your product, I'm signing on for life! Please don't stop manufacturing it!

10/08/02 - I want to thank you for your customer service. Quality service wins and keeps customers. I a received my shipment and have been using it. I am so happy with the results. You may have a customer for life. . . Sincerely
Sherrie W

10/09/02 - Absolutely and incredible product IM in high fashion business and I cant tell you how many suits I have ruined because of this problem. I will most definitely be purchasing more of this product and will pass it on to my older son that has same problem Thank you so much.
R. Z.

10/13/02 - To The Maxim Group, The day I found your site had been one of the most disappointing for my 17 year old daughter and myself. Six months before she had "shamefully" admitted to me that she had a heavy perspiration problem. I had no idea she was troubled by this. But she tearfully told me she always was wearing baggy shirts or sweatshirts because any thing that she wore close to her body would be soaked and deodorant stained in a matter of minutes. I said that I knew of a medication that she could get through the dermatologist that should help. The dermatologist prescribed the medication, I got it,she started using it. After about 3 weeks she broke out in a terrible rash and had severe pain from the medication. The doctor told us that she had to stop using it and to try again when the rash cleared up. Two weeks later she started again an immediately broke out. The doctor said she just would not be able to use the medication. For the next 5 months we tried all kinds of things to try to help.Then I took her to my family doctor who said that there was a laser treatment but it was very expensive and he was not sure who did it and our insurance would not cover it. H said he had a prescription medication that should do the trick. We said we had tried it and he said that we were out of luck then because that was the only thing that could help. At this point my daughter burst into tears and ran out of the examination room. She cried all the way home saying thins like 'I can't wear any nice clothes ever"' and this is so embarrassing" "I am so gross all the time" I was very upset for her as well. and I was determined to find something to help her. I got on the internet and typed in sweating and eventually found your site. I immediately purchased a bottle of the roll on, praying that it would come quickly and work. The first order must have got lost so I called and you sent me another one which we received about 6 days later. I have one thing to say to you,"Thank God for your amazing product." It has worked better than we ever hoped. She had a little irritation at first but she used a little less and it has worked great. I am so excited to see her in tops that actually fit and she is a lot happier and less self conscious. Thank you so much.
Juanita R

10/15/02 - I frankly didnt know where to turn, until I decided to just go on the internet, do a excessive perspiration search on Yahoo. I found Maxim. I read the entire site, including the testimonials, the whole time thinking, yea right.....You have to understand, I has such heavy sweating under my arms that working in a Law Firm, where strict attire guidelines are used. I would have to put paper towels under my right armit during the day, as I would soak right thru whatever heavy Jacket I was wearing, IT EVEN SOAKED THROUGH MY LEATHER JACKET!! It would leave ugly salt stains, although there was no smell. It was horrific. I stood up for a wedding and when the Bride showed me the dress, I was totally horrified, of all colors Light Pink. Sure enough, during the whole wedding and reception, I couldnt lift my arm, I was soaked. So I was skeptical when I read all the testamonials on your sight. I went ahead and ordered a bottle to try it, I recieved it in three days, on a thursday, used it that night and the next. On Saturday I went was getting dressed to go out that evening for a Rolling Stones concert, I couldnt believe it .......I WAS DRY, NO BURNING, NO ITCHING, DRY DRY DRY and yes i wore the Leather Jacket to the concert (after dry cleaning) and nothing, no sweat at all NONE all night. I only used the product that thursday and friday.. its been 4 days and I dont even believe that all i need is two three nights and I dont have to worry about this horrible condition......its been 10 years I WISH I WOULD HAVE FOUND MAXIM SOONER THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
Kathy Age 46

10/19/02 - Mr. Keith, I just want to thank you for helping me and answering all questions. I finally received Maxim and it works perfectly. I absolutely love the product!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!
Maria G

10/26/02 - my dear people at corad: guys have really made my life! Im a 16 yr. old guy from North Carolina and through my friend i discovered maxim. I have had a serious sweat problem my whole life. Whether it was -20 below or 100 degrees wherever i was, i would always be sweatting buckloads. for a teenager, this is a problem! I desparately tried every single anti-persperant in the store, always hoping that one of them just might live up to their "STOP YOUR WORST SWEAT" slogan..but they never did. I was always confined to being dripping wet, wearing one or 2 undershirts and dark colors, until i received your product. I must say i was very sceptical. I thought it was just another online gimmick, that robbed you of your money and sent you some watered down acid or something..boy was i wrong. From Day 1 till now, i have not sweat one drop. I dont care how hot its been, or whether ive been in some suit or something, i have never sweat once. i dont even wear it every day. Sure the 13.95 will stop you for second, but there is noway its not worth it. Its completely safe, ive had no problems...its just awesome. if you still need convincing on how great a sweat-free life me @ . But MAXIM..its the best investment you'll EVER make. Sincerely,
Andrew - NC

10/27/02 - Trust me, I am not the type of guy who would write in response to a products effectiveness. However, this product has amazed me. I received it friday and have only used it once, and amazingly, I've remained dry all day. I never thought that I could go a day without changing shirts or adjusting the one that I was wearing, in order to hide the embarrasing wettness that sweatting left, under my arms. Nevertheless, today I was able to do just that. I must admit that it seems to leave the under arm a little ......., well I won't even say uncomfortable, because this very well may be how it feels to have dry armpits, it's just that I have'nt experience it in so long, that I could'nt tell. In any event, the minimal sensations that I feel, are completely overshadowed by it's ability to take the embarrasement out of everyday situations. In addition, the cost of the product is also off set with the increased savings as result of cleanning bills and buying new shirts, due to the stains left as a result of emmense sweatting. Would it be possible to buy this product in bulk? Thanks.

10/30/02 - I received your product just two days ago, and I am already embarassment-free! Excellent work! I'm sure millions of other Americans feel the same way. Thanks for an anti-perspirant that actually works.

Hyperhidrosis blog 11/9/02 - Thanks for the product, it's awsome. It works and it works good! I've already recommended it to a few of my "leaky" friends! -Steve

11/9/02 - I have to say your company is the best i have come across or even heard about dealing with customer satisfaction . Hopefully your product maxim will be successfull for me as you deserve an endorsement for your excellent customer service alone .
Thanks .
Stephen mcm

11/13/02 - I just wanted to let you know how much Maxim has changed my life. It is an incredible product and I will be ordering more. I can apply every 2nd or 3rd day within the first month of use and never a drop of persiration, Finally I can wear the clothes I have longed to wear for so long without the embarrassment of SWEAT. Thank you for creating such a great product.
L. Carter Abbotsford, BC Canada

11/13/02 - Hi. I just recieved Maxim yesterday afternoon, put it on last night, and can already tell that it's working. This product is a miracle! I can't thank you enough for making Maxim so easy to purchase! I've been waiting for something like this to come along for years. Now I'm excited to buy the clothes I WANT to wear, not the clothes I NEED to wear.
Thanks again! Sincerely,

11/14/03 - I have been using Maim for about 2 days now and my underarm sweating has really decreased. I can't believe how great it works. I been through every deodarant and anti-perspirant that you could think of and nothing worked for me. I thought that something was really wrong with me until I visited this wbsite and found that there are other people out there just like me. Thanks for Maxim my dreams are now finally coming true.
L.C. Cleveland

11/18/02 - Keith, You DO have excellent customer service! WOW! It is fine to use my testimonial but please no names/addresses/email addresses ok? And then let me make it good ok? Here it is: I am 44 years young, attractive and healthy. I have suffered with wet underarms, yellow stains on my white clothes and embarrassment for almost 30 years. NOTHING WORKS. I had to accept this life-style of ruining beautiful clothes, lingerie, and sometimes changing shirts more than once a day . I got so mad recently I went on line to find a effectively treat/answer. Short of surgery, maxim was all I could find. I figured why not? So I tried it-I knew it would not work, but there was a $$-back-guarantee. Well it is amazing. IT WORKS. I will never go without it - EVER. I need so little that I can dab on a few dots with a q-tip. A little itchy for about 1 hour at night after application but DRY DRY DRY all day! My two younger sisters are skeptical, but are going to try it after seeing me in a white top at 5pm! I also had a small problem with the shipping and their Customer Service was top-shelf in their handling! Thank you MAXIM!

11/25/02 - To the manufacturers of Maxim, I received maxim on a Thursday and I applied it that night. Since Friday I have not had any problem with sweating at all. I think that I may not even have to wear deodorant at all but I still put a little on. I don't have a severe sweating problem but I found that when I was nervous, or when I would have on a sleeveless tank top my underarms would sweat very bad. I could just be sitting, not over working myself at all and I would sweat. Now that this really works I can wear what ever I want. I really didn't think that this would work at all considering that I found it on the Internet but I am extremely happy to have found that it really does work. I just
wanted to say thank you. This product has made me 100% more confident when I go out.

11/26/02 - Just wanted to say how happy I am with Maxim. I had not realized how much my underarm sweating had shot my confidence. Maxim worked IMMEDIATELY and I feel like a whole new person! I was skeptical when I read your ad but this stuff works INCREDIBLY well. It itches like hell for an hour after I put it on, but that is petty compared to what it gives me in return! Thank you for giving me the confidence to be the life of the party again!

11/30/02 - Just wanted to say how pleased and relieved i am about Maxim. Just recently ordered it by mail to Melbourne, Australia and the results were fantastic.This is the only product thats worked for me, and its made my life a lot better. Thankyou so much. from
Marc S.

11/30/02 - I live in Ecuador and I just got my Maxim three days ago and I have to tell you that your product is the best of the best. I am really glad that your company had created such a great product. Since I am a Hospitality student I have had a lot of problems regarding with hyperhidrosis or hyperhydrosis and in this three days I am feeling so free again and I have the confidence to be around people again. I just want to say thanks again and to tell you that I will be purchasing Maxim in the days to come, I am so glad that you may send me your great product down here to South America, it has really been a blessing for me. Thanks again.
Pablo Durango ( 21)

12/02/02 - Just a note to say thanks for your product. Sweaty underarms were horrible for me. I'm a workshop facilitator, so I spend my days speaking in front of groups of people I don't know and I always had to dress to accommodate my sweating problem. Jackets over sweaters all the time and that didn't even work all the time. I would make trips to the bathroom to wipe my underarms with paper towel, apply deodorant and sometimes even turn the hand dryer on my clothes to dry them out. The worst part was, the more I became aware of the sweating, the more I would sweat. Maxim has changed that. One bottle of Maxim has lasted me for months, but I would like to re-order now, so I don't take a chance on running out. Thanks for making my life much easier.

12/4/02 - Dear Keith, This is an email to say thank you for your excellent service. I have already received my product….and might I say, it takes longer sometimes to get items sent within Australia….I am very impressed. And I a more impressed with the quality of your product…infact, I am amazed. I have only used it for 1 night, and I thought it would take longer to work, but so far, it is completely successful…..I could not be happier. You have changed my life… I can now wear all those nice tight tops that are in fashion, that I was unable to previously, due to sweat marks.
Thank You, Natasha

12/5/02 -I would like you to know that this product has been a God Send,. in every sense of the word! Every day is a gift from God, use it wisely.
Sara V.

12/5/02 - I found your product on the web after searching and looking at all types of remedies. I too had to use paper towels and Kleenex under my arms some days because the sweating was so bad. Mine was more of the nervous or "busy" sweat when I was running around. I always had a hard time with wearing tighter fitting clothes, polyester and sweaters, they would smell after just a couple hours. My first application of Maxim was all the evidence I needed. I don't even use deodorant anymore and I can wear a outfit without a washing!! This has made my self confidence perk up. I experience a bit of itching and irritation and use a bit less and also apply powder and this helps. Thanks so much for the life change, Im no longer worried about the sweat on my wedding day!
MG-Milwaukee, WI

12/6/02 - I ordered your product last Monday out of shear desperation and frustration, and prayed that it would arrive as quick as possible. Thankfully, it did! It arrived that Thursday and I was so excited, and apprehensive, to try it that night. And even that weekend, I was still wearing some of my "safe" clothes just to be sure that it did in fact
work. I am thrilled to say that I have had wonderful results and feel my confidence slowly returning. I know that it will take a while for me to get use to being able to raise my arms without hesitation and to feel totally comfortable wearing some of the clothes that I haven't been able to for a while, but I am starting to believe that I can with confidence! I have had this problem off and on for a few years, but recently it has simply gotten to a point of shear desperation, that I was willing to try anything. When I found your website, I was ecstatic to find out that other people had experienced that exact same things that I had - wearing two layers, stuffing tissues in my underarms, etc. Well, no more! I am so thrilled and excited with the results and with the new possibilities of wearing the clothes I have wanted to for so long! Thanks again for this wonderful product - it truly is a Godsend!

12/16/02 - This product is awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone fighting a sweating condition. Thanks for developing this product! God bless,
Andy Rowles

12/16/02 - I want to thank you for the e-mail, as I thoroughly love your product, and am overjoyed to read any information you e-mail to me. PLEASE keep me on your list. I also want to take this time (as I haven’t before) to thank you for making this product available to people (like myself) with this horrible predicament. I have referred your product to others, and will continue to do so, as you have changed not only my wardrobe, but also my self-esteem. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your help! This product HAS changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely,

12/16/02 - I just had to drop a note to you guys!! I recieved your product friday. I Applied it friday night, and saturday after my morning coffee I noticed that I was dry under my arms. The T-shirt I was wearing was absolutely dry and I was absolutely blown away.I am 40 years old and have been suffering form over sweating since I was a kid. I have been dry ever since. Monday at work was great too. I am a sales rep and I have always had to wear two shirts, the right color and pattern the whole 9 yards!! lol. I happened to see a bit on the today show about the over sweating procedure, ETC i believe. I learned that i had hyper hydrosis,, did a search on the web and u guys were there. I tried and thought what the hell do i have to lose. This truly is life changing,,, I think i will be able to start using it less!!! Any way thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rockin Robert from Michigan.

12/20/02 - You have an amazing product! It seems to good to be true. Are you a publicly held company? If so I want to buy stock! TODAY! Thank you for coming up with such a great product.

12/21/02 - I found out about MAXIM purely by accident--I was looking for another product for the same condition and just happened to discover the MAXIM website instead. I figured it coudn't hurt to try it, so I ordered a bottle--if it didn't help, I'd be no worse off then when I started. I've tried just about every brand of anti-perspirant you can buy at your local pharmacy or supermarket, including those that CLAIM to offer "the best protection against odor and wetness." LIARS!!!!!! MAXIM is the best protection against odor and wetness!!!!! It's only been a couple of days since I received my order and started using it, but WOW...what a difference!!!!! After a full day of work, I head to the gym and even during my workouts, I'm still dry. I did experience some itching last night, and wondered if it was because I didn't apply it immediately before bed...I sat up and read a bit. I'll avoid that and see if the problem resolves. If it doesn't, oh well...I can learn to live with it compared to the embarassing and uncomfortable alternative, and if I can cut back on the frequency of applications, so much the better, itching or not!!!! Even as I write this, I'm in a sleeveless undershirt and I'm bone dry!!!!! Thank you for an AMAZING product!!!!!!!!

12/26/02 - I just wanted to take a moment to say "THANK YOU!" I have suffered from sweaty armpits for as long as I can remember. I always wondered what was wrong with me as I noticed nobody else had this embarrassing problem. After finding Maxim, I have used it for over a year and it has never let me down. Regardless of the humid weather (which can be a problem in Florida) or stressful situation, Maxim has always come through. I just want to say thank you for giving this woman self-confidence to wear anything she wants and toss all the black shirts out of her closet. For anyone who suffers from excess perspiration, try Maxim, it will be the best investment you'll ever make. Thank you a million!!!


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