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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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HYPERHYDROSIS CURE - Maxim antiperspirant has cured hyperhydrosis for thousannds of people accross the world.

Hyperhydrosis cure testimonials

6/1/06 - Hello and thank you so much for your product that has been a real hyperhydrosis cure for me! To tell you the truth, I thought that this was just another average antiperspirant and I'm usually wary about buying anything I'm not sure about over the internet. I was running out of options though, and really tired of the embarrassing stains on my shirts. After using your product, I got instant results. I don't have to worry any more. You just made another customer for life.
You saved my summer!
Thank you!

6/2/06 - Hello, yes by all means please post my comments for this amazing hyperhydrosis cure. I would really like to help spread the word that there is help for everyone, and that you have a wonderful company to work with! I am very pleased with the excellant customer service, and your speedy reply to my comments! Once again, please pass along the wonderful praise I have for your founders, inventors, lab people, customer service and website people and everyone else involved for such a wonderful product and making such a great company to work with!

6/2/06 -This is a great product. My 15 year old daughter was so embarrassed all the time. She had a closet full of beautiful clothes that she would not wear because of the sweat stains that would occur. After one application there was a huge improvement. Now no excessive sweating at all.
Thank you from both of us!!!!!!!!!

6/7/06 - First off, thank you so much for inventing this! I got it a couple days ago, and like it says on the website, I have tried everything. I've gone through several different types of anti-perspirant, and tried everything I could think of so that I could try and lead a normal life, and nothing has worked--til now. I've only been using your product for a couple days and already I can't believe that I'm no longer sweating! It's hard to get used to the fact that now I don't have to worry about sweating too much. In our society, this problem has caused me much embarrassment and frustration, especially in my wardrobe. I am 18 years old, and like every other 18-year old girl out there, I want to wear nice clothes! Until now, I was limited to black only, or baggy hoodies... you get the picture. My friends would sometimes wonder in my choice of clothes, because I would always choose my wardrobe based on what would hide the sweating; not on what actually looked good or things that I liked. I can't wait to go out shopping now, and be able to try on anything without worrying about not being able to wear it! Thank you thank you thank you! I could go on forever about how drastically this is going tho change my life, but I think I'll spare you the details. Thank you.
~Your newest lifetime customer

6/8/06 - I've read the testimonials on your website and was sold on your product immediately. However, I still had my speculations as to whether the product would truly work for me or not. I've had an extreme problem with excessive sweating for a long time. I have almost been a slave to this problem, as it has dictated where I'll go, who I'll see, what I'll wear, and how I act. To my great satisfaction, after receiving your product two days ago, I've been able to go wherever I want to go, see anyone I want to see, wear whatever I want, and be completely comfortable with myself because I've been DRY, DRY, DRY!! This product has exceeded my expecations and has literally changed my life. I'm a new person! I'm still in shock all day long how comfortable I am. It's INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'll be ordering several CASES in the near future to ensure I never run out of this stuff...ever!
It's gold!!!

6/11/06 - Hi, I would like to thank you for changing my life. I am 16 years old and suffered from Hyperhidrosis, but didn't tell anyone. I was always wearing big, bulky sweatshirts and hiding the "real me." I discovered Maxim while i was searching for answers to my problem. I have used it for about three weeks now and i haven't had a problem since then. It worked the very first day! I was amazed! Now, I am not afraid to be myself. I can wear whatever i want, whenever i want. And at my age, that is critical.
Thanks again for changing my life.

6/14/06 - I have suffered from excessive sweating for years and didn't think I could stop it. I found your website, read the testimonials and ventured to try Maxim. After one application my sweating has stopped.
Thank you, Todd

6/15/06 - Hello, I want to thank you for this product. I was having a very difficult time finding a deodorant that would prevent me from sweating. I didn't have to be hot for the problem to start. I was so embarrassed that I didn't want to wear sleeveless tops or anything that was fitted close to the body. I was afraid people would notice the wetness on my shirt and I could also smell body odor. When I asked anyone if they could smell sweat or body odor when near me, they always replied "no". I felt like they didn't want to hurt my feelings because I could smell myself. The thing that really hurt and started my search for help was the day my husband told me that he could smell me. We were at church and I leaned forward to speak to some one and when I sat back, he told me that he could smell the faint odor of sweat. I was so upset. I had showered and use deodorant 3 hours prior to this. I came home, got on the Internet and started my search. I am so glad that I found you that day. I was hesitant about trying the product, since I had never heard of it or your company. I was afraid of a scam since it was on line. I thought about it for 2 weeks and decided that I had nothing to lose except money and I have wasted more money on silliness than this was going to cost. I am so glad that I decided to buy. I no longer have excessive sweating, no odor and feel much more confident. I can't thank you enough for this product and will be buying again. I don't want to run out of stock.

6/19/06 - Hi Keith. I just want to say thank you so much for being so thoughtful. I received maxim 5 days ago and it is so amazing. At first I thought that it would at least reduce my sweating by 50%. But after my first application I stayed 100% dry all day. Your product really works. I'm sorry for not informing you about it a little earlier. I got so carried away by the exitement. I'm now making some arrangements so that I can get a bottle whenever I ran out of one.
AMESEGINALEHU (means THANK YOU in amharic)
YONAS addis ababa ethiopia

6/23/06 - I just wanted to e-mail and say thanks for this product. I put it on Saturday night and I have not had a sweating spell yet and it’s Friday. I’m just using my regular deodorant. This stuff is great. My family and friends think I’m nuts for being so excited about this, but unless you have a sweating problem, you just can’t appreciate this product like those of us with problems do. Thanks a lot!

6/23/06 - I just want to tell you that I am very very happy with the Maxim product. I cannot believe that it works so good. I use to be always wet underarms, but now I am completely dry. It is unbelievable! Thank you for saving me . Now I will be able to wear light color blouses and not only black and white and feel more comfortable . I hope you will be around forever because I will always buy the product for the rest of my life.
Thank You again!

Excessive sweating news group 11/19/06 - just started using you Maxim Product. I would like to say thank you!!! I have already told about 2 dozen people about it! I have sweat through my shirts for years.. I have been using your product for about a week and all is DRY!! You have NO idea how much this means to me in a professional and personal life!!
Thanks again!
Ryan Sunny and HOT (but now dry) Clearwater Florida!

Excessive sweating news group 12/29/06 - I recently received my first box of Maxim and for the first time in many years I was able to wear a tight fitting “baby doll” T-shirt without my underarms becoming wet within minutes of putting it on. I even did a test trial at home before going out and I was so excited because I was dry, dry, dry. I have tried everything from Mitchum’s to men’s extra strength antiperspirant to at home remedies and nothing has worked. I have not gotten any side effects from Maxim and now I can actually go out and buy tops that aren’t tank tops or sleeveless and I can wear other colors other than black! Yay! So thanks for a good product that isn’t advertised to death that actually works.

11/26/06 - Thank you SO much for your product! I am 22 years old and in college. I've had excessive underarm sweat for YEARS and now, with your product, I don't get wet at all! I used to be so embarassed about my sweating that I wouldn't lift my arms or raise my hand in class for fear of people noticing. I've been using your product for almost a month and I feel...FREE! I feel more confident and outgoing and I can wear clothing that I could never wear before! Thank you SO much! I will be using this product for a very long time!


HYPERHYDROSIS CURE - Maxim antiperspirant has cured hyperhydrosis for thousannds of people accross the world.