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Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Excessive Sweating Testimonials
July 2003 - Dec. 2003

7/1/03 - Haha, as you probably guessed... thank you so much!

I turn 25 this weekend and had resigned myself to wearing another jumper while everyone around is enjoying the barmy summer night! I have only applied Maxim once and although I have to admit, it was an uncomfortable night, today has been a shock! I thought it would help but I can see the effects after one application! Again, thank you!!!
Andy (a thankfull customer!!!) haha

7/01/03 - I just wanted to say that I bought your product after trying everything I could. I first used the maxim stop sweat about a year ago. I had to use it every day at first for about three weeks, but after that my need for the product drastically reduced. I now apply it about once a month and just use regular deodorant the rest of the time. I'm only on my second order of the four pack and love this stuff. If you guys ever stop selling this wonderful product I wont know what to do. I've tried other products and they just don't hold a candle to yours. Keep up the GREAT work! This "IS" the product you need if you suffer from severe sweating. Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!!!!
~~~Matt, NJ

7/04/03 - I would just like to thank you for your amazing product. I have just been using it for 2 days and I am completely dry, its awesome!!. I have never been so comfortable with myself in the public knowing that I don't have any "pancakes". I had so many shirts that I could not wear before because of my excess sweating but now starting today I can wear anything I want and be confident. Please don't ever take your product off the market it is great and I am so pleased with how it has been working. Thanks again
- James/ Canada

7/5/03 - I recently ordered Maxim through you and received it a few days ago. I've been using it for roughly 2 days and I have noticed a drastic improvement. I am thouroughly pleased with this product even after a few applications. My confidence is greater and I can wear clothes I've been wanting to wear but have been afraid to. Thank you very much for helping me keep this under control. You will be receiving more orders from me in the future. In fact, I'll be recommending this to my family as we are all heavy sweaters genetically. Sincerely,
Brad S.

7/22/03 - Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product!
I'm so amazed at how well it works. I've tried it for 1 day and so far I've seen great improvement. I'm still sweating a little, but its not anywhere close as bad as it was... I've suffered from HH ever since I could remember. I even had the ETS surgery done in LA 2 years ago. things were good for a while, but 2 years later, the HH has returned with some additional CS(extreme underarm sweating is one of them). I've been very depressed and came across your web age while searching for an answer to this terrible disease. I'm ordering more bottles today. I don't ever want to run out of these stuff. THANK YOU!!!

7/22/03 -To the people who created Maxim:
I would just like to take a minute to say thank you for changing my life. I am 20 years old and I have been dealing with an underarm sweating problem ever since 8th grade. I have tried every brand of antiperspirant out there and nothing seemed to work. Then I found the Maxim website and after reading some of the stories I figured it was worth a try and after using the product for the very first time I was sweat free! I can now wear shirts that have hung in my closets for months without having to bring an extra sweatshirt to cover up. I only have to use your product once every two weeks and it works FANTASTIC. THANK YOU MAXIM... it was well worth the cost! Now I can wear whatever I want and I have the confidence that my underarms are dry as can be. More than Satisfied Customer.

7/24/03 - I would just like to thank you for the Maxim Anti Perspirant, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about this product actually working, but I have been proved wrong. I've been using this for over a month now and I noticed immediate changes, before I started using Maxim my underarms would just sweat constantly and nothing I could do would prevent it. I am only using Maxim about twice a week and that is enough to completely stop the sweating I can now wear any colour shirts with confidence. I can honestly say that this product has raised my self esteem drastically. Once again thank you, I will certainly continue shopping with you.
Carl Nicholls, UK

Excessive sweating testimonials. 7/28/03 - I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who has made Maxim possible. I am a teenager who has been plagued with excessive underarm sweating for about three years now. I've tried everything I could find and nothing worked. I would have to wear two shirts almost all the time to prevent sweat marks from showing. It was awful. I was always very self-conscious. It was like a never ending cycle. I would get up in the morning, shower, and put on anti-perspirant. Almost immediately I would sweat right through it. Then I worried about sweating all day which probably made my situation worse, but I couldn't help it. I was looking for help online when I came across the Maxim website. I was immediately interested because it was different. It was a product that you put on at night instead of in the morning. I read everything I could find about Maxim, but I was still not sure about making a purchase over the internet. I searched the web and found many recommendations for Maxim on sites that were not specifically for Maxim. Then I read many of the testimonials on the Maxim site and I decided to go for it. I ordered Maxim and received it a few days later. I've been using it for two weeks now and I don't sweat at all. I just got back from a four day volleyball camp. At the end of each day I was drenched in sweat everywhere except under my arms!! Maxim is great! I don't have to worry about sweating anymore. It's such a relief to go shopping and buy shirts in any color and any thickness I want because I know that I won't soak through them. Once again, THANKS to everyone at corad healthcare!

We do thank everyone who has sent in an excessive sweating testimonial

7/28/03 - I just wanted to say thank you for your product. My husband has been using it for the past 6 months and it works wonderfully!!! He would sweat horribly that he would go through so many uniforms, plus it was embarrassing for him. Working as a police officer he needs to maintain a decent appearance and this has helped him. Thank you again!!!
The Setterstrom's

7/31/03 - I received my order in the mail today ( 7/31), thank you for your quick reply. I love your product SO MUCH, I was really starting to sweat knowing that my supply was getting low (pun intended). Maxim has been a blessing to me, for the first time in my life I don't have to be embarrassed by sweat rings. Thank you again for your quick reply and also for a great product.

8/1/03 - Sure! Feel free to use my name if you want, I already sing the praises of Maxim to everyone I know anyway. As a matter of fact, today at work a coworker asked me how it is that I work so hard but never sweat and I got to tell her all about my great experience with Maxim. I noticed that the packaging has changed and it looks as though it is going to be available in stores now. If so which ones? My worst fear now is not being able to get my hands on it. Please, don't ever take it off the market! Sincerely, Barbara Burdick

8/5/03 - Hey anyone who has this problem really really needs to try it, the day after the time i put it on I WAS SWEAT FREE, God i dont remember when that was....since i was a little kid? Well I made a promise that if this worked I would write a testimonial or sumtin like that on the first day, and here I am, I cant even believe it honestly. I never belive any stuff that says Oo0o0o it works blah blah blah, but i was willing to try this one, you kno just hopin itd work, I was really nervous becuz if you have this problem you kno it means alot and changes alot in what u wear and do. But im so glad that today in the first day it worked already. I wanna thank God and the makers of Maxim for finding a effectively treat to something that really could have changed my life in a diff. way i maybe wouldnt have liked. I will order more so that i can keep on using it. By the way im not sure if im sending this to the right place, so if i dont can u send it there please???
Thankxs alot
Karla Texas

8/5/03 - Hello - I recently wrote you an email about tracking my order. Well I am happy to report that I have received my order, and I am more than thrilled with this deoderant! I have not been this dry in years. I am a 16 year old girl, and it is so embarrassing to sweat like I do. I am very athletic, and I sweat so much. It doesnt matter what the temperature outside is, I always sweat. I would usually always wear a jacket at school so no one could see the sweat stains, or smell me. But now I can start the school year off dry thanks to you!!! I hope it continues working. Again thank you so much. I am sure I will continue to order your product! Thank you again.
Christen Barnard

8/7/03 - I just wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with your product. After years of excessive underarm sweating and hyperhidrosis and many ruined shirts, I have finally found an antiperspirant that really works. I actually noticed a huge difference the first day after using Maxim. Now, after a week, I am completely dry all day long. The only side-effect is some minor itching for about an hour after application, which is well worth it, considering the results. I'm still trying to get used to being dry, and I habitually check my armpits at least twice an hour, but they're always bone-dry now. Thank you for providing such a great antiperspirant. Keep up the good work.

8/8/03 - I would just like to say after years of putting up with excesssive sweat under my arms I've finally found a product that combats this altogether this is the reason why I am reordering the bulk pack after giving Maxim a trial. I must say I was a complete sceptic but not anymore WELL DONE MAXIM FOR GIVING ME BACK MY LIFE.
A very satisfied and happy customer from UNITED KINGDOM.

8/9/03 - Hello, and thank you! I'm not sure that this is the correct procedure for submitting my thanks, but I felt the overwhelming need to do so. I, like many of your other customers, was initially skeptical about the existence of a product that was advertised as being able to help me. I am a 33 year old woman, and have dealt with excessive sweating since the age of 12. This past June, I went so far as to have Botox injected into the glands of my underarms at a cost of $1000. When that didn't work, I felt incredibly forlorn and as if I was destined to deal with this condition for the rest of my life. One day I just decided to see what I could find on the web, and ran across your site. After reading other testimonials from people who seemed to suffer from sweating as severely as I did, I decided to try Maxim. My sweating problem was as severe as those I read about: unable to wear T-shirts(white and definitely not in colors), silk shirts, always had to layer a T-shirt under a form fitting sweater(even in 90 degree heat), putting paper towels between that T-shirt and my skin--constantly checking and fretting about whether the shirt I had just purchased was of the type of material or in a pattern that would 'hide' the sweat, never being able to buy the clothes that I wanted because of the sweating--the effect this condition has on a person's self-confidence is staggering. I cannot adequately describe how shocked and jubilant I was to discover that Maxim worked--even on me!!! I can purchase the clothes I've always longingly looked at in the shops--and wear them!! To think about it still makes me tear up in relief. So, thank you, thank you, thank you--for developing and marketing this wonderful stuff--I will be a customer for life!!!


8/11/03 - First off I really would like to thank all the people who came up with a product that actually works and saved me from having surgery due to my excessive sweating. It was so embrassing for me growing up having to watch what shirts I bought, the materials I wore etc. and still couldn't lift my arms because of the wet marks. After approx. 2 years now that I use maxim about once a week, I am more then happy to say it keeps me DRY ! I can't believe it, this tiny little bottle contains a special formula that allows me to wear what I want. Till this day I sometimes look in the mirror and lift my arms just to see if its wet. Thanks to all of you !!!!!! I LOVE YOUR PRDUCT

8/21/03 - I would just like to tell you I bought some for my teen-age daughter a couple months agoand it worked wonders. She would wear a sweater in the middle of summer nowshe no longer has to. It has given her more confidence. I have suffered for years with the same problem and I used some the other day and I just have to say I LOVE it. I can now walk into a store and look at a shirt I like and buy it with out wondering if the sweat stains will show. It has given me more confidence as well. I will continue to purchase this product. I just wished I had known about this product sooner. Thank you.
D.T. Ukiah

8/31/03 - I just can't thank you enough for your amazing product. I read all the testimonials and could completely relate to everyone. I had no idea there were other people like me. Maxim has changed my life. Today I am wearing a colored shirt that I would have never been able to wear before. I can't believe that I don't have to worry about only buying shirts and dresses that don't show sweat. I feel so free! Please keep doing what you are doing!

8/25/03 - I am so happy that I decided to do a search for "Sweating" on a search engine. I was skeptical to buy your product as I lived in Australia. Boy am I HAPPY that I did. In winter I would wear a jumper or shirt/s with my leather jacket, it ended up with salt stains under the arms. About 2hrs after starting work I would feel the drips, if I wore a suit I couldn't take off my jacket after a meeting because of the sweat patches and my suit jacket would be wet under the arms. I received your product from the USA to Australia within a week, 3 days later and I feel so much happier at work. I feel like crossing my arms above my head (once I buy new shirts that don't have stains already) and singing. Thank you so so much! Your product is amazing - I am going to purchase the bulk pack. Maybe I could make a franchise out of selling them to Doctor's surgeries in Australia, they would sell so fast. Thanks Again.
Matt Wright

8/25/03 - Dear Sirs, About your product, I'm telling people, "Don't bother buying a bottle!"................."just go straight to the 4-pack!!!!!!" I wish I did, then I could have taken advantage of the great price deal, but of course I was skeptical about your claims of its effectivness and didn't want to go through a possible hassle of returning the 4 bottles. I still am amazed of how well it works and how little I have to apply to get it to work. I tried every product on the market to no avail until now. I use to limit myself to only certain color/pattern shirts because of my excessive sweating, but now I can wear shirts that I wouldn't dare wear before! Finally a product that ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO! Thanks for being there and don't worry, my next order WILL be the 4-pack!

8/29/03 - Just have to say how wonderful your product has been for me. I started using maxim the moment it arrived in the mail. after 3 days, I was sweatfree!!! I have been dealing with excessive underarm sweat for more than 10 years and after 3 days.... no more sweat!! I really can't believe it. I thought nothing would effectively treat me of this problem. Thank you so much!!
Jen Jones

8/30/03 - From your testimonials... im sure you get these all the time. I am OVER impressed! I applied the Maxim last night to my underarms before bed. When I woke up, my armpits were very dried out, and they did start sweating within half an hour after i woke up. Is there any other methods you know of that could help? This poses a major problem. For under my arms, WOW!! I took a mile walk today in 90 degree weather, and NO sweat stains!!! If you need a teenage spokesperson, you got one in me! Thank you SOOOO much, this is looking like it will change my life if it keeps it up!
Mike Luff

9/3/03 - I am responding 3 days after i received my Maxim order- and
I just need to tell you, this product has changed my life. I am responding 3 days after i received my Maxim order- and I just need to tell you, this product has changed my life. I have used it 3 nights in a row and so far I have been able to wear cotton shirts all day ( I live in florida so this is an even bigger deal here) without any excessive sweating- in fact, i think without sweating at all really. It itches a little bit for a minute or so after I apply it, but I can honestly say it works and I am so thankful. Thank you- I will definitely spread the word around. All the best

9/3/03 - Hi, I live in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean, and I have a disgusting "disease". Which I have just recently learned about. I thought it was normal and that everyone else was like me, sweating all the time. I started to notice and feel consious of the symptoms when I began in the working force. All of my blouses by 10:00 would be soaked with "armpit patches" so by the end of the day I would smell. This was uncomfortable and embarrassing, I didn't understand it. So I looked up on the internet "Excess Sweating", Maxim's Website came up and I read up on it. It was a relief to know that there was a name for this defect, that I have never heard about and they could recommend something to help prevent it. Well I was such in a hurry to fill out the order form, but didn't put my hopes up because normally places in the US don't ship to the Cayman Islands and when I saw the part about shipping in 3 days I was almost sure I was wasting my time. So I closed the window and kept looking. To my amazement there was nothing else on the web besides Maxim. Maxim was popping up everywhere. So I went to fill out another order form and bingo found out that they would ship to me. I wasn't expecting the order to come in at least 6 weeks, I could'nt believe it came in lest than a week. t. So what did I have to lose. IT WORKED!!!!! It dryed everything up for two days, I felt so confident. Believe me it worked. It drys the skin completly there would be no sign of sweat, if you follow the directions. To the curious readers consider buying it, you would not go wrong. To the producers thank you for your prompt service and keep up the good works, this is a miracle to me and it so relieving to now I can go the whole day feeling clean thank you all so much and I will continue my service with you.

10/6/03 - I was searching the web trying to find out how to remove the perspiration stains from my T-shirts when I came across your web site. First of all I didn't know I had a medical condition, even though I have discussed this with my physician. I am a 55 year old African-American male and I've had this condition since my late teens. Over the last 5 years or so I finally made peace with the constant sweating, but when I saw your product and realized I had a medical condition and I had to give it one last try. Well I received the Maxim in the mail 2 days ago. I used it for the first time Friday night and wore a suit to a funeral Saturday. I did perspire ,but nothing like a I normally do. Normal being perspiration through my under shirt, shirt and suit jacket. This time only my under shirt and shirt were slightly wet. I used it again last night and today I wore a black mock turtleneck sweater to church. When I came home the sweater was dry. HALLELUJAH !!!! I've been in a state of disbelief all day long. I keep waiting for the faucets under my arms to come on. But all there is is dryness. I don't know if I should laugh, scream or cry. I do know that I am very happy with Maxim. Please don't ever go out of business. Good Luck and God Bless You.............
Reginald Jones

10/11/03 - I received my order of Maxim about a month ago and am very pleased with the product. I read the instructions and applied it. I had a little itching under the arms but soon went away. After years of heavy perspiration under the arms, I can absolutely say that your product is a success. I am very happy. No more stains or wet underarms. Thank you again

10/12/03 - I just want to thank you for the grat service we've recieved from this company-not to mention the great product. My mom and I have been so happy since we ordered this product-we never dreamed anything could work so well. And the service was great and we'll be reordering for sure. Thank you so much.

10/30/03 - I just wanted to contact you and tell you that your product is the best thing that ever happened to me!! This product has litterally changed my life. I can go out without being embarassed to lift my arms. I have been dealing with this for years and now I simply do not have to worry about it. I use your product about every other night. It really really works!! I just wanted to say thank you!!!!
Mike in Texas

11/9/03 - Hi, when I was 21 I had surgery to remove the sweat glands under my arms. I had been sweating with axillary HH since I was 13. The surgery worked. It hurt and left scars but the sweating stopped. Now I'm 38 and freakishly the sweating came back a month ago. I was crushed when this happened. Imagine being free of sweating from the "PITS" for 17 years and then having it come back!! UGH! I was researching doctors in order to have the surgery done again I was that desperate. Then I found your product online and ordered one bottle. I used it on a thursday night and now it's sunday and there has not been any sweat. This morning I noticed a slight odor under one arm so I'll use Maxim again tonight. I am amazed at this product! I wish I would have known about it before my surgery. I am amazed at how little of an amount it takes in order to be effective. I can wear my grey shirts again. I recently returned to college and next Saturday have to get up in front of the class and give a presentation. I was DREADING this because of my sweating. But I can be free of embarrassment now that I have MAXIM!!!!! Thank you so, so, so, so MUCH!!! You have another customer for life.
R.S. Dry in Florida

11/11/03 - I just wanted to email you and tell you that because of your product, I HAVE A NEW WARDROBE!! I used to buy clothes, and find myself sweating through them , then realized I couldn't't wear them. Then they would sit in my closet. I am 21 yrs old and have had this problem since 6th grade. I am not obese and not a dirty person, so I knew the seating was a serious problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH! please email me any side effects... Something this good has to be be too good to be true!
Jenny Rochester, MI

11/24/03 - I just want to say thank you for making Maxim!!! It's the only product that I've used that actually stops sweating. I sweated excessively and even when it was cold outside I would still sweat. I used Maxim 2 times so far and I've had minimal sweat! Thank you again.

11/25/03 - I bought your Maxim antiperspirant recently, and it must say it works wonders. I was surprised. I don't know how it works but it works. I was convinced it wouldn't, but then I put it on at night when I sleep and it works perfectly all throughout the next day. Previously, I only had a problem with excessive underarm sweating, nowhere else. It was mostly when I became nervous or anxious and it would happen at least once if not 3 times per day. I've been dry for a week now. Thanks! I'll definitely order more.

12/8/03 - Hello Keith I wrote you a few weeks ago about my first experience with Maxim. I purchased it for use on my armpits. Just thought I would give you an update on where I am now. In fact, this is the least I can do in return for what you have done for me. As I mentioned before, I saw immediate results on my armpits the first time I used Maxim. I used it for 3 consecutive nights. I then decided to test how long I could stay dry without using it. Amazingly, I was dry for four days! there is close to a 100% improvement! On my feet, I have about a 50% improvement. For me this is great! I have told my brother about this . You therefore have two new customers! I am really thrilled about this and words cannot express how thankful I am. I thought I would never be free of this problem. I feel like a "normal" person. Thanks to you, I am now able to live life with a new confidence. Thank you so much for your wonderful product. You have changed my life. God bless you!

12/9/03 - Thank You for a wonderful product which i did'nt even know existed until i started looking on the net for solutions to my problem. I live in Manchester, England so ordered your product with some scepticism but am truly satisfied with the results. Once again THANK YOU.
.B UK.

12/10/03 - I wanted to personally write and THANK YOU for this amazing product. I am currently 22 years old and have been suffering from chronic sweating of my underarms for many years now. After trying this product I was hooked. Once I received the product I had my doubts considering I have spent numerous amounts of money on "special deodorant" that never lived up to what they claimed. After applying my first application I noticed a big change. The sweat was no longer running down my side and my shirts were dryer. The major trial was to put it up against the "grey shirt test" (which if anyone who has sweat as bad as I have should know that the grey shirt shows the worst sweat stains of any color). When I conducted this test, it was the middle of the summer where temperatures here reach around 90-100 degrees so I knew if I could survive the day without my shirt being soaked I had a winning product. Sure enough the shirt was dry and here I am using a product I have mentioned to everyone I know who has the same problems. You guys now have a few more satisfied customers using your products. I want to thank you again for offering something no one else can and please keep up the excellent work. Sincerely,

12/23/03 - So, I received Maxim in the mail the other day, and I cannot believe that it actually works. Since using it I have not sweat under my armpits all week. I am soooooooooooooooo happy that I have this. I've been wearing clothes in my closet I wouldn't dare to wear before. I can now wear ANY color I want. Since receiving Maxim, I want to go shopping and finally get to wear the clothes I couldn't before. I just can't believe this. I am so happy. The side effects of using Maxim are VERY mild. I now go around telling people I don't sweat underneath my arms anymore. I don't have to wear sweaters all the time now. I feel great!! Thanks so much for this.

12/29/03 - I started using your product about 2 1/2 years ago and sent you a thank you note at that time. I thought it necessary to write you another letter to say thanks again. I cannot fully express my gratitude and appreciation with words, your product has truly changed my life. When I first purchased Maxim, I was very skeptical. How could this over the counter antipersperant help me with this burden that had ruined my social life and self-esteem? I read the testimonials and thought "this is too good to be true". I was desperate the day that I found Maxim on your website - my life was a disaster. I would sweat no matter what I was doing, even on a winters day. Now my hyperhydrosis is pretty much non-existant. These days I only have to apply the product about every four days or so and I am care-free. I am very active and do Taebo five days per week, and don't even break a sweat! I swear! It wasn't until I received an email from your company that I realized how "normal" my life has become. I don't even have to think about it anymore. What a relief! With the first few applications my underarms became irritated, but this quickly ceased. Although the cost of one bottle appears somewhat expensive, it truly is not considering how long one bottle lasts! If you are reading this as a perspective customer, I'm sure you're thinking "yeah, right", but it's true. Maxim has changed my life and it can change yours too! Yours Truly,
Another Satisfied Customer