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Maxim Antiperspirant

Stop Excessive Sweating with Maxim

Physician recommended Maxim is guaranteed to stop excessive perspiration due to customized formula for hyperhidrosis.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrom

Excessive sweating can cause chronic fatigue syndrome.  Effectively fight CFS with ThermoTabs.

Thermotabs; Nutritional Support For Chronic Fatigue, Muscle Cramps and Heat Prostration:

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  $9.95 (100 tabs per box) 

Thermotabs tablets are especially designed to minimize fatigue, muscle cramps or heat prostration due to excessive perspiration.

Thermotabs can be used by golfers, tennis players and other athletes as well as at the beach or in homes, offices, stores, kitchens or industries where high temperature causes heat fatigue.

100 Tablets Per Box

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