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Knowing All About undearm sweat and how to cure it

Armpit sweating or axillary hyperhydrosis is a form of excessive sweating. About 1% of the population exhibit this medical condition which involves extreme, sopping sweat in the armpit area. It is consorted with palmar hyperhydrosis in 40% of the cases and it presents itself as isolated focal axillary hyperhydrosis. This underarm sweat is resistant to all the types of deodorants and odour controlling medicines.

Two types of sweat glands are present in the armpit area: eccrine and apocrine glands. The Eccrine glands produce clear, watery, odourless sweat and are provided with sympathetic nerves. The Apocrine glands on the other hand produce thick sweat leading to underarm sweat with odour.

Various methods to treat sweating of armpits are now present in the market which makes the treatment of such a socially debilitating disorder easy. One such method is subdermal laser ablation characterised by the reduction of sweat gland by laser. This is used in the cases characterised by focal axillary hyperhydrosis and is performed with meek sedation. This method ensures a speedy and a healthy recovery and the trauma associated with this approach is much less than that associated with other methods. Axillary suction currettage was used to cure the disorder till the recent past but is now not used due to its association with patient discomfort.

However, the slight hitch which exists here is that isolated surgical methodologies for curing sweaty armpits almost never furnish a 100% effective result. In fact, they can be disasterous (see Certain experiments have proven that combining laser ablation technique with the axillary suction currettage method provides a better and successful solution.

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